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Services and Rates

Indigo Massage offers a variety of massage services individualized to each client.


60 minute 'Spot' massage: We live 'on the go' - and this massage is individualized for a specific area of the body, usually with concentration of inter-related muscles of the upper body or lower body. This massage gives individualized attention to these overworked muscles. Areas often focused on include: head/neck, low back or back/shoulder area, hands or feet.    $70

60 minute massage: 1 full hour of relaxation and muscle recovery, catered to your specific preferences. Choose from gentle, firm or deep pressure.    $70

90 minute massage: This massage is geared for relaxation and muscle recovery with additional emphasis on specific muscle groups of your preference. This may include more specific work to the face/head, neck, hip musculature, hands or feet.    $100

Myofascial Release Treatment: Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy techniques are utilized with individuals experiencing pain and/or have issues with ROM (range of motion). This is not a 'traditional' style massage - only key areas of the body are addressed. No oil or cream is used.   60 minutes  $70,  90 minutes  $100

Chair massage: Is it too difficult to lay down on a table for a massage? Or does a recent surgery with specific precautions impede your ability to receive traditional massage therapy services? A massage chair allows for a supported, more upright posture. It can be adjusted to often meet the expectations of a surgical procedure or better accommodate a client's pain or mobility needs. Specific work can be performed on the head, neck, back, shoulders and arms.     30 minutes   $45

45 minute Foot Reflexology & foot scrub: Take care of your feet! Feet are one of our most used, abused and neglected parts of our bodies. This treatment includes a foot scrub with hot towels, followed by Reflexology with special attention given to acupressure points on the feet and ankles.    $60

  Indigo Massage offers therapeutic massage techniques for relaxation.  Indigo Massage offers reflexology massage services.

Salt Scrub add-on: Salt scrubs are great for circulation and this helps to promote lymphatic drainage. A salt scrub for your back can be incorporated into a massage with a minimal add-on fee of   $10  

Services are conducted at the massage studio and are by appointment only.  Please note: all massages are entirely therapeutic and non-sexual in nature. 

Payment due at time of service. Cash, check or credit card can be processed.

At this time, please call or text 804-690-4310 to set up an appointment. Thank you!